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Welcome to the Jim Dunn Memorial Scholarship information site -
home of the Jim Dunn Run!

Jim was well-known to the local Morgantown community as manager of Pizza Inn and Pargos, Special Olympics' coach and volunteer with many youth sports activities.

A 1972 WVU graduate, Jim came to Morgantown from Rochester Pa on a scholarship and spent four years on WVU's storied men's track and field team under the leadership of Coach Stan Romanoski.

Jim was a sprinter on the WVU track team. Darlene, his wife wanted to do something special in memory of her husband after his sudden death in May of 2007. That is when the Jim Dunn Memorial Scholarship was founded.

The scholarship was established to support runners and the running sports throughout West Virginia. It will be given each year to a high school senior athlete, who has been accepted to run on a track or cross country team in college.

The scholarship is worth $1000 and can be used towards books, housing, tuition, etc.

2013 Jim Dunn Run Twilight 5-Miler

2013 Jim Dunn Run Twilight 5-Miler from Pat Riley on Vimeo.


November 19th, 2014
We are in contention for Morgantown Magazine"s Beet of Morgantown Award!

Please take this opportunity to promote your business or service! The link to vote is http://www.morgantownmag.com/morgantown/Best-of-Morgantown/ or you can direct people to morgantownmag.com and the voting link is on the homepage.

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November 8th, 2014
We will start planning next year's run very soon. Would love to see comments on venue? With the addition of SteppingStones as a benefactor, Mylan Park could be an alternative. What say you,our supporters and participants?

July 23rd, 2014

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